“We are goin’ on a boat!” yelled one tour participant to another. Indeed we were.  We loaded on to a beautiful boat and set sail on the Sea of Galilee. As we made ourgetpart-24 way, we listened to the unique sounds of the Sea.

George asked the boat captain to show us how to cast a net.  We watched the captain carefully fold the net and wrap it around his shoulder to prepare for the cast. Then, after he threw it into the water he pulled it up carefully. Each participant had the chance to pull up the net as they learned what it meant to be a fisherman.

Jesus told the disciples to be fishers of men.  During this Heart of God Tour we have learned so mucn about the lands of the Bible, and the details of the Word of God.  If we go home and tell no one about it, it’s like the fisherman preparing his net but never casting it into the water. You can’t catch fish on the Sea of Galilee without throwing your net and you can’t be a fisher of men by remaining silent.  The Heart of God Tour is a gift from God. We must steward it well. So go home and start fishing!