The mountainside was mostly brown, but with some green here and there. Yet on this mountain shepherds bring their sheep to graze as they have done for thousands of years.  We looked at the grazing lines made by the sheep. They were not straight. The mountainside is not green. But we learned that a good shepherd will lead his sheep to green pastures and make paths for them..

We made our way down a steep hill to find a cave.  The smell of sheep and sheep waste hung in the air. The participants and buddies sat on the floor of the cave which was rocky and dirty. As everyone gathered around, George told how these caves were used by shepherds to keep their sheep safe. In the days of Jesus it would be called a stable. Faces lit up with recognition, we know this story….we love this story.  Yet, this isn’t the stable you see on Christmas cards. This is dirty and smells like sheep.  Jesus came down from heaven for this?  No, Jesus humbled himself to be born in a rocky cave for US! He came to be our shepherd to lead us to the Father. He came for all of us, not for anything we can do or can’t do, but because we are His. As we follow our good shepherd, He will lead us to green pastures and He will make our paths straight.


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