We visited an ancient olive press.  We learned how the olives are harvested and getpart-54pressed into oil. The olives are poured into a circular container and crushed by a wheel. Then the crushed olives are bagged and stacked up in a square area. Large wooden stones press the olives squeezing the oil out.

The very first oil is extra virgin oil, it’s very clean and it would be given to God. It was taken to the temple of Jerusalem to be used by the priests for annointing, lighting lamps, medicines, and many other uses. The first olive oil always goes to God.  Next, the press is squeezed some more over and over to get all of the oil. The second pressing goes to all of the people,  to us to use for daily life.

In hebrew the word for press is gat. The word for oil is shemane. So gatshemane is an olive press. It was the garden of Gethsemane at the foot of the Mount of Olives where Jesus goes to pray and ask God to spare him from what is to come. The Bible tells us Jesus sweat drops of blood at Gethsamne. Later that night He was taken to be cruxified where His blood was shed for our sins. The first press is for God. The second press is for all of us.