The pyramids, built thousands of years ago, loomed on the horizon from our hotel. In the foreground heavy traffic with cars zooming in and out of lanes honked on by. The scene was a perfect contrast between yesterday and today. As we prepared to explore the ancient pyramids, we looked at the ancient and the modern and George reminded us that God is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Heading closer to the pyramids, we saw the steep road the slaves would have schlepped the stones up to build the pyramid. All of the work and all of the materials were used to build a tomb, a monument meant to bring glory to a pharaoh.

God does not build monuments, he builds people. Our God says we are so much more to Him than a pyramid or any other man made wonder. God’s children bring him glory in a way Pharaoh’s pyramids never can. Our God who brought the children of Israel out of Egypt, who fed them, walked with them and protected them is the same God who feeds us, walks with us, and protects us today. Even more important, while Pharaohs have come and gone, God is not only yesterday, not only today, but He is and will be the same God tomorrow and for eternity. Praise His holy name!

The view from our hotel.