Our study trips provide participants with experiences and insights into the culture, geography and history of the lands of the Bible. In order that as many as possible are able to experience the Lands of the Bible we offer a variety of tours targeted to participants of varying abilities.

In a world that quickly assigns worth and value based on intelligence or physical ability, Under the Fig Tree Ministries (UTFT), is both delighted and honored to offer a unique journey to the Lands of the Bible which we are calling: The Heart of God Tour. The Heart of God Tour seeks to express God’s generous and loving heart to persons our culture too quickly dismisses (those with moderate intellectual disabilities and or an autism spectrum disorder) and sadly passes by, by providing an awe-inspiring experience of the land of God’s people, Israel. This trip is specifically designed so that every day will be an adventure, new sights, sounds, smells, tastes, experiences with the goal of both blessing the lives of participants and deepening their already rich witness. Enjoy the highlights of our tour!

We are working on our next tour!  Interested?  Contact Hannah at hannah@underthefigtree.org


Travel provided by GTI Tours.

“See & Hear” on an upcoming Out of Egypt Biblical Study Trip. This tour tends to be what is considered a vigorous tour where participants can expect to walk 5-8 miles/day. Experience God’s Word and the redemptive story in new and deeper ways as we explore the Pyramids, Valley of the Kings, and climb Sinai. Unless otherwise noted this tour includes climbing and over-nighting under the stars atop St.. Catherine’s, the tallest of peak of the Sinai mountains (there is the option of not climbing and spending the night at the hotel).     “Set your heart” on the lessons of the wilderness where God shapes His people as we visit Petra and climb Mt. Nebo. Share in Jesus’ ministry in the Galilee and savor His great love in his journey to Jerusalem and the cross.

Undergraduate and graduate level credit for this trip is available through Oklahoma Wesleyan University.

Travel provided by GTI Tours.

The Tour

The Psalmist proclaims: “I will utter the hidden things, things of old… the praiseworthy deeds of the Lord” (Psalm 78). Come with us and explore where so many of these “praiseworthy deeds” were accomplished.  Cruise the lush Nile River, from ancient Luxor to breathtaking Aswan.  Marvel at the Great Pyramids of Giza, The Valley of the Kings, and the splendor of the great Temple of Luxor. Fly to Aqaba, Jordan, and embark on a motor coach tour of beautiful Wadi Rum, Petra, Mount Nebo, and many more sites.  Then we enter the Land of Promise and visit the Galilee and finishing our tour in the ancient city of Jerusalem!

At Under the Fig Tree Ministries, we always strive to bring you new and exciting experiences. We think we’ve outdone ourselves here! What an incredible way to experience the lands of the Bible while hearing and seeing God speak through both His Word and World!

The Under the Fig Tree Difference

Tour companies bring groups to these lands by the busload year-round. So what makes Under the Fig Tree different from all the rest? Fundamentally, it’s this: in all things, we approach the land from a distinctive Biblical perspective. Our leader, pastor and historian George DeJong, has led tours to the Middle East for almost 20 years, and he is highly regarded as a guide and teacher.

George’s study trips provide participants with both wonderful experiences and deep insights into the culture, geography and history of the lands of the Bible. In fact, on his trips, participants are not so much tourists as they are investments. Why? Because what you learn and experience on an Under the Fig Tree trip will make an invaluable impact on your life! As George is fond of saying:

“Come, let’s go!”

* A 3 day in-depth Israel extension is available for this tour

** The Nile Cruise tour is designed as a bus/walking tour, but optional more-aggressive hikes may be available.