Alijah Series

“Alijah” is Hebrew meaning to ascend or go up. Our Jewish friends will tell you that when they travel to Israel they are doing “Alijah”; they are “going up” to Israel.   Based on the ancient teaching that the center of the world is Israel, the center of Israel - Jerusalem, the center of Jerusalem - the Temple and at the center of the Temple; the Holy of Holies; that is where the presence of God resides. One always goes up to God.   True, God journeys down to meet us and be with us. But it is also true, for us to meet God we need to go “up” to be with him. For our relationship with God to deepen, it invariably involves some “up hill”.   Journey with Pastor George in this set of teachings as he leads us in Alijah– you’ll be stretched but we’re sure it’s well worth the “climb”.

In this series we will visit:
  • Jebel Katarina, Qesm Sharm Ash Sheikh, South Sinai Governorate, Egypt
  • Petra, Ma'an Governorate, Jordan

Lessons in this Series

01 The Lord’s Ring

The room hums with anticipation as guests listen to carefully chosen music drifting through the sanctuary. He shifts his weight nervously and looks toward the back of the church expectantly. Then, the music no longer drifts but declares, the crowd rises and there she stands - his beautiful bride! By ...

  • Jebel Katarina, Qesm Sharm Ash Sheikh, South Sinai Governorate, Egypt
  • 06:19 minutes

02 High Places

What do you live for? There’s a nice, Sunday-school answer to that question: We live to serve and love God. But words that easily roll off the tongue are not always backed up with actions. All too often, our lives reflect a different reality than the one we project during ...

  • Petra, Ma'an Governorate, Jordan
  • 04:52 minutes