This photograph is taken from the hills north of the Sea of Galilee, looking south. The sea is nearly 13 miles long and more than seven miles wide. The area in the foreground is the northwestern corner of the sea, where most of Jesus’ miracles were performed (Matt. 11:20-24). Hidden below the hill are the remains of the ancient cities of Korazin and Capernaum.Across the sea, one can see the high hills where the pagan Decapolis of Jesus’ time was located. Jesus sailed across the sea from the area in front of the Decapolis. On his way across the lake, he stilled the storm. When he arrived at the other side, he met a man from whom he cast out a legion of demons; the demons entered a herd of pigs that promptly ran off and a cliff into the sea (Mark 4:35-5:20).

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Sep 18 — Oct 02, 2021
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