The Text includes stories, poems, and arguments about a variety of topics. But more than anything else, it’s a story about God and his relationship with humans.

Biblical writers often used word pictures to describe God and his power in the world. And the people of ancient times worshiped him with awe and reverence at his dwelling place, the Temple.

To learn more about God as he was seen in biblical times, select a topic from the menu on the right.

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Mar 30 — Apr 08, 2020
Heart Of God
Led by George DeJong
Jun 28 — Jul 12, 2020
Out of Egypt, Into a Good Land
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Fall 2020
Ancient Paths to Modern Leadership
Led by George DeJong
Nov 01 — Nov 15, 2020
Walking with the Patriarchs
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Nov 14 — Nov 28, 2020
Egypt Nile River Cruise & Jordan Walking Tour
Led by George DeJong
Spring 2021
Israel in Depth
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Fall 2021
Through the Roof
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