A number of significant events in the history of the Jewish people, particularly events that relate to God’s presence, have been recorded as occurring from the east.

– The Children of Israel, with the ark symbolizing God’s presence, entered the Promised Land from the east (Josh. 3:1, 15-17).

– In Ezekiel’s visions, the glory (presence) of the Lord left the corrupted temple and departed to the east (Ezek. 10:4, 18-19; 11:22-24).

– Jesus’ birth was announced in the east (Matt 2:1-2, 9). The prophet Isaiah said that the Messiah would come from the wilderness east of Jerusalem (Isa. 40:3).

– Jesus ascended into heaven from the Mount of Olives, east of Jerusalem (Acts 1:6-12); the Mount of Olives also represents Jesus Second Coming (Zech. 14:4; Joel 3:2, 12).


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