Sharm el-Sheikh Museum received on Saturday first three artifacts that will be displayed in the museum after its inauguration.

Head of the Museums’ Sector Momen Othman said that the three artifacts transferred to the museum included a huge head of pink granite statue belongs to Goddess Hathor, adding that it is scheduled to be displayed in the museum’s courtyard.

The second artifact depicts a lion statue of red granite, which will also be exhibited in the outer courtyard of the museum.

Meanwhile, the third artifact is a schist column of Goddess Hathor, depicting the cartouche of the king and will be displayed inside the museum as the first artifact to be seen by visitors.

Othman added that the selection of the artifacts came in accordance with the museum displaying scenario set by the High Committee for the Museum after the approval of the Permanent Committee of the Egyptian Antiquities.

He added that more and more artifacts will be transferred to the under-construction museum ahead of their permanent display.

He confirmed that the artifacts were transferred amid tightened security measures, and the supervision of a group of archaeologists of the Antiquities Ministry.

It is noteworthy that the construction works of Sharm El-Sheikh museum began in 2006 but came to a halt in 2009 due to architectural problems, and due to budget issues after 2011.

Meanwhile, the works have resumed with a budget of EGP 300 million. Originally, the museum was planned as a one-story building, but after the redesign process, it’s now divided into two large galleries on two levels.

The first level will display a collection of ancient Egyptian artifacts depicting life and afterlife in ancient Egypt, and the second hall will show objects from different civilizations in Egypt.

Ninety percent of the construction work on the museum is done and it’s set to receive visitors soon. The awaited museum is going to be the first artifacts museum, a cultural hub, a tourist destination, and the first of its kind in Sharm El Sheikh, with 17 commercial shops including restaurants and cafes, and 11 shops for souvenirs and traditional craftwork.

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