Dr. Zahi Hawass,the Egyptian archaeologist,said that Tahrir Square is one of the most important squares in the world,pointing out that setting a historical obelisk of the Pharaonic civilization in Tahrir Square is one of the most important Egyptian events.

Hawass added,during his meeting with the “Good Morning Egypt”program broadcast on the local Egyptian channel,that he was opposed to placing antiquities in the fields,but Tahrir Square deserves to be in an internationally recognized and it will be the most famous field in the world.

Hawass pointed out that the obelisk will be placed in the field,in addition to four statues in the form of rams,indicating that the presence of the obelisk and rams in the field gives the effect of the beauty of the past.

The archaeologist confirmed that with the obelisk and rams in the field,Egypt has a new tourist site,noting that the first thing tourists come to is the Egyptian Museum to see the history of Egypt.

He explained that the Grand Egyptian Museum is now preparing to become the most important cultural institution in the world,stressing that the area of the Grand Egyptian Museum reaches 7000 thousand square meters,with every corner talking about the history of Egypt.

He pointed out that there is an ongoing development now with the Egyptian pyramids,pointing out that the distance between the Giza pyramids and the Grand Egyptian Museum will be linked by a walkway that contains bazaars and a full display of all the Egyptian pharaonic civilization.

Hawass stressed that honoring Egypt at the opening of the Belgrade International Tourism Fair takes place for the first time since the fair began 42 years ago,due to President Abdel Fattah El Sisi’s efforts to develop tourist and archaeological sites,and his affirmation through global platforms that safety is complete in Egypt,and that insurance in archaeological areas on the highest level.

Hawass added that the Hurghada Museum,scheduled to open next week,will display all the monuments synonymous with beauty in ancient Egypt,from ancient arts and architecture,and the beauty of women in the ancient era,in the framework of the efforts of the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities to integrate the various tourism patterns in Egypt,and provide diversified options for tourists;it is the first museum in Egypt to be built in partnership with the private sector.

Hawass added that the civilization museum will witness in two months, the most important archaeological projects that occurred in Egypt by transporting the mummies in a huge procession and displaying them in a way that is suitable for them and includes the procession of 20 royal mummies, being transported in a luxurious procession from the Egyptian Museum to liberation until the new museum, and displaying the royal mummies in a way New and different from before.

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