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The modern age has its blessings and its curses. With all the great toys out there, it is tempting to want the best, fastest and most sophisticated.

Please think about bringing minimal electronic gear and gadgets (we know this will be hard for some). We’re not saying forget the camera and all the rest – instead we encourage you to be mindful that you don’t bring devices that will prohibit you from being present throughout the tour.

We ask that NO cell phones (unless used as a camera or note-taking) or iPods be brought during the day. Sometimes people experience an entire trip through their modern gear and not with their God-given five senses. Please don’t miss out!

In general, the fewer items you need to carry and keep track of, the better. Depending on your tour, we could have as many as three border crossings and multiple flights!

Sorry, no electronic recording of faith lessons.

Upcoming Tours

We would love to walk with you in the Holy Land. Here are upcoming opportunities:

Jun 28 — Jul 12, 2020
Out of Egypt, Into a Good Land
Led by George DeJong
Nov 01 — Nov 15, 2020
Walking with the Patriarchs
Led by George DeJong
Nov 14 — Nov 28, 2020
Egypt Nile River Cruise & Jordan Walking Tour
Led by George DeJong
Spring 2021
Israel in Depth
Led by George DeJong
Summer 2021
Ancient Paths to Modern Leadership
Led by George DeJong
Fall 2021
Through the Roof
Led by George DeJong