We started this morning standing in a field in Luxor looking at the rich black soil. This soil is silt that has been deposited by the Nile River over the millennia. In Egypt it rarely rains and in ancient times they were dependent on the annual flooding of the Nile to provide the rich soil necessary to grow crops. The flooding of the Nile made Egypt the bread basket of the world. In Egypt there was life.

We ended the day standing in the wilderness in the Valley of the Kings, the burial grounds for the Pharaohs of the New Kingdom period. The wilderness is dry and barren. The wilderness is a place of death.

God called his people out of Egypt into the wilderness, out of a land that provided life into a land of death. For God’s people Egypt was death and the wilderness was life. Unless you have the eyes to see, Egypt looks like life, and the wilderness looks like death.

Is there something in our path that looks like life, but leads to death?

Is there something in our path that looks like death, but leads to life?

Do we have the eyes to see?

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