What do you live for? There’s a nice, Sunday-school answer to that question: We live to serve and love God. But words that easily roll off the tongue are not always backed up with actions. All too often, our lives reflect a different reality than the one we project during Sunday morning worship. In this lesson George takes us to Petra Jordan where we’ll study the high places where ancient nations sacrificed their best to pagan gods. Though they may not be as obvious, we are still surrounded by idols today. But amidst the barrage of people and activities that vie for our attention, it’s my hope that you’ll find a renewed passion to place God in the high place of your heart.

In this video we will visit:
  • Petra, Ma'an Governorate, Jordan

part of Alijah Series

“Alijah” is Hebrew meaning to ascend or go up. Our Jewish friends will tell you that when they travel to Israel they are doing “Alijah”; they are “going up” to Israel.   Based on the ancient teaching that the center of the world is Israel, the center of Israel - Jerusalem, ...