Trace any civilization and geography provides the stage; place plays a role in shaping life while at the same time giving us a glimpse into why God places us where we live today. The Bible contains so many stories of God placing his people in places and situations they'd never choose, and yet it is especially there and in those circumstances that he seeks to be known, trusted, and glorified. In a word: loved. This series explores God's intentionality by focusing on specific people in surprising and fascinating places where he pursues his loving purpose and conveys his great love. Join our teacher George DeJong as he explores various Biblical places and the stories that happened there to discover God's provision, protection, and providence in the lives of our faith ancestors. When we better understand their stories we will better appreciate God's provision, protection, and providence in ours.

In this series we will visit:

Lessons in this Series

01 Joppa

  • 14:31 minutes

02 Capernaum

  • 14:48 minutes

03 Nain

  • 15:09 minutes

04 Samaria

  • 13:19 minutes

05 Jericho

  • 8:37 minutes