In this second installment of a two part series beginning with Wild Places, you are invited to join teacher, pastor, and historian George DeJong on location in the Wilderness of Paran to explore the Tabernacle. Interestingly, God requires that the Tabernacle be located at the center of the camp and in Exodus 25:8 we learn why when he instructs: "Have them make a sanctuary for me, and I will dwell...." not "in it" but "among them." God's passion and goal from the beginning was and is: to dwell in/among us - especially in the Wild Places! Approach the Tabernacle as those who experienced God there in the wilderness. In this series, George engages the elements of the Tabernacle using his knowledge of Egyptology as well as Rabbinic insights; asking such questions as: "Why are there horns on the altars, why must the priest wash off the blood at the bronze laver when it is the blood that "covers" our sin, given how heavy that Ark is, how many Levites did it take to carry it?" In this series we learn that God's favorite place to be was not in the tent, but among his people- especially in their wild places. What was true for them is especially true for us.

In this series we will visit:

Lessons in this Series

01 Mikdash

  • 15:22 minutes

02 Altar

  • 14:21 minutes

03 Laver

  • 12:51 minutes

04 Priest Court

  • 14:01 minutes

05 Ark

  • 17:42 minutes

06 Naos

  • 15:48 minutes