The Heart of God Tour 2015 is made up of people of all different abilities. The purpose of this trip is to explore the roots of our faith with all of our senses. As we travel through Egypt, Jordan, and Israel, God’s story springs to life and we learn that we are a valuable part of His beautiful story.

Many months before this trip, participants began to prepare. There were physical preparations as we trained for the hiking we would do here. There were also spiritual preparations, as we learned to say the Shema in both hebrew and english, and read the Old Testament. As we prepared, we eagerly anticipated what God had for us to see and to learn.

Now that we are here we learn to approach each day this way; to study His word, to prepare for the work He has for us. Above all, daily we must eagerly look forward to what God has to show us and teach us each day. This is what it means to seek the Heart of God!