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to Egypt, Jordan, and Israel that bring the land of the Bible to life.

Why Biblical Study Tours?

Research reveals that 58% of people would read their Bible more often but struggle to understand what they are reading. This leaves them confused, discouraged, and unmotivated to try. The Bible was first written in Hebrew and Greek to an audience who lived thousands of years ago. Context is everything when it comes to reading and understanding the Bible. The more context people know, the more their Bibles make sense!

Our context rich biblical study tours are designed to make the Bible easier to understand by providing experiences and insights through engaging the culture, geography, and history found in the Biblical text.

Out of Egypt, Into a Good Land

Experience God's redemptive story through big hikes and insights

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Do you, your family, or your small group want to experience the Bible in its original context? We offer a variety of tours from the physically strenuous to a relaxed cruise so that as many people as possible can experience Egypt, Jordan, and Israel.

Mar 13 —
Mar 25, 2025

Heart Of God

Led by George DeJong
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Apr 20 —
Apr 28, 2025

Ancient Paths to Modern Leadership

Led by George DeJong
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Create a Study Tour

Are you a pastor or discipleship leader who would like to bring a group (30+ participants) to the Holy Land and the lands of the Bible? Partner with us and we will take care of all the details to lead and develop a study tour that is tailored for your group.

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Different Types of Tours

We offer a variety of tours from the physically strenuous to a relaxed cruise so that you can experience Egypt, Jordan, and Israel. Find what type of trip fits you below.


Your Custom Group Study Tour

A customized in-depth Study Tour for your group of 30 or more people

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Out of Egypt, Into a Good Land

Experience God's redemptive story through big hikes and insights

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Egypt Nile River Cruise & Jordan Walking Tour

Cruise the lush Nile river and explore the beautiful landscapes of Jordan

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Egypt & Jordan Walking Tour (easy pace)

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Through the Roof

A full experience tailored for participants with limited mobility

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Ancient Paths to Modern Leadership

Learn how to lead with the wisdom of the East

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Walking with the Patriarchs

A Boutique Israel In-Depth Study Tour

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Heart Of God

Tailored for those with moderate intellectual disabilities or an autism spectrum disorder

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The Fig Tree Difference

Under the Fig Tree experiences are not your typical tours where tourist sites and gift shops shape the itinerary. Ezekiel 40:4 shapes what we do and how we do it: "See with your eyes, hear with your ears, and set your heart on all that I show you for that's why I brought you here. Then go tell Israel..."

Our study tours will provide you with both wonderful experiences and deep insights with as many sites and learning experiences that the day will allow.

Academic Excellence

We have spent years walking the land and developing relationships with friends in Israel, Jordan, and Egypt. We continue to study the culture, religion, and history of ancient times all to develop deep, relevant and impactful lessons intended to bring clarity to the Biblical narrative. Undergraduate and graduate level credit for certain tours are available through Oklahoma Wesleyan University.

We lead and teach in a way so that the Bible is easier to understand for everyone. We can't wait to share what has been prepared for you!

Servant Leadership

First century disciples would follow their Rabbi as he walked throughout the land teaching with both word and action. Learning from such a Rabbi was described as "sitting at his feet" and was most often done under a fig tree. Fig trees provided cool shade and succulent sweet fruit. Soon, sitting "under the fig tree" became an idiom for someone who sat in the shade of the Rabbi enjoying the sweet fruit of his instruction & wisdom.

Our leaders walk along with you as you grow in your faith. You will experience both refreshing shade and sweet fruit through the teachings as well as the teacher.


Location plays a role in shaping life while at the same time gives a glimpse into why God places us where we live today. The Bible contains so many stories of God placing his people in places and situations they'd never choose and yet it is especially there and in those circumstances that he seeks to be known, trusted, and glorified. Many of those "out of the way" places are precisely where we go and, like our ancestors in the faith, we discover His love afresh.

Our tours are not just about going somewhere, it's about being somewhere! Learning and growing is a staple on our tours, but if you're an experiential learner – you'll love and excel on this journey!

About Us

George DeJong

Pastor, Historian, & Teacher

George is the Founder and Executive Director of Under the Fig Tree Ministries while continuing to serve as Teaching Pastor at Holland Heights Church in Holland, Michigan. In 1997, a great passion was ignited in George when he first went to Israel with friend and colleague Ray VanderLaan. George has been committed to an ongoing deep study of the Text in its Jewish context as well as its historical and cultural contexts. In turn, not only has George's life and ministry at Holland Heights Church been shaped, but his love for the Word has opened opportunities for studying at Jerusalem University College and serving as a long standing board member of That the World May Know Ministries! Shaped by the rabbinic method, George began leading tours to Israel through Under the Fig Tree Ministries in 2006.

Since then, tour opportunities have broadened to Egypt and Jordan. George's passion for the study and teaching of the Bible has helped others "see with their eyes and hear with their ears" (Ezekiel 40:4). To walk with and learn from George is to experience a rarity - the knowledge of a scholar combined with 35 years of pastoral experience. As our guides in the Middle East often say, "To know George is to love him." A hallmark of George's ministry is not only in enriching those on a study tour but also in developing longstanding relationships with friends in the lands of the Bible where relationships are developed over time and intensely treasured! When asked what is it to walk and learn with George one participant commented: "...it's to be with a wise, caring and learned shepherd, it's being with one of Jesus' trusted under-shepherds".

Eric Schrotenboer

Pastor, Historian, & Teacher

Eric is a storyteller and the founder of The Acacia Project. He is a film maker and music composer who has received numerous awards for his work, including nominations for multiple Emmy awards. Eric studied Bible, Music, and Communication at Hope College, Messianic Judaism at Denver Seminary, and received his Masters of Divinity from Western Theological Seminary.

Dave Lassanske

Historian & Teacher

Dave has helped to produce faith-based videos for over 15 years for Focus on the Family, Zondervan, and Ray Vander Laan that have brought him to Egypt and the Sinai, Israel, Jordan, Turkey, Greece and Rome. He has immersed himself in the study of ancient Egyptian religion with a focus on reading and understanding hieroglyphs. Pared with his pursuit of a masters in Biblical Exegesis, Dave's insightful observations and love for the land adds depth to our tours as he connects the threads of spiritual formation from ancient times to our modern day.