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Give thanks to the Lord for He is good. The more you celebrate the good, the more good you discover that is worth celebrating.

A Covenant Making God

Clearly, in the Biblical narrative, God made man in His own image and God was looking at fellowship with man. That was clear in Genesis 2 and 3 - "where are you..." There was a great break in the relationship. But God seeks to redeem that relationship and restore that ...

How Do You Count?

When God created us, He created us with our unique personalities. For me I'm a big picture, visionary kind of personality. And then there are A-type personalities who are i-dotters and t-crossers. If your that type of personality, your favorite book of the Bible has to be Numbers :) Numbers gets ...

I Will Go With You

One of the things that I've come to appreciate about the text is the way it communicates. For example, when you see a particular phrase, you're invited to pay attention to that phrase. Where else does it appear? Let's look when God says to Moses in Exodus 3, "I will ...

Mastering Desire

Have you ever wondered why God put fruit on the tree of life that was so desirous? Why is that fruit even available to humans at all?

Shalom Out of Chaos

Here's a little something - the other day I was teaching on Psalm 23 and I said to the congregation that my goal was to approach Psalm 23 in a way that they wouldn’t learn something new but they would see the song from a different perspective and that that's ...

Lift Up Your Eyes

When we first began to lead tours in Egypt we would take a bus from Cairo and go across the Suez Canal down the west coast of the Sinai and we would go through an area where was the traditional Rephdiim is that story where a couple of things happened ...

Memorizing Scripture

There is one thing, of all the disciplines that make up our Christian life, that has really shaped me...and that is the memorizing of God's Word.