The Egyptian Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities has started the work of excavations to restore an archaeological site containing the remnants of a military fortress and water tanks.

The site was found during the infrastructure project works in the new industrial zone in the East of Al Tafrea area,which is affiliated to the North Sinai Archaeological Sites Zone.

Dr. Ayman Ashmawi,Head of Egyptian Antiquities Sector at the Ministry of Antiquities said:“The site was hidden inside a mud area covered with salt evaporation ponds and it was difficult to reach before. However,the works of the infrastructure project and the road network in the industrial zone discovered the archaeological site.”

He added:“In coordination with the Armed Forces Engineering Authority,construction work in the surrounding area has been halted and a new course of action has been identified away from the scope of the new archaeological site.”

On her part,Dr. Nadia Khadr,head of the Central Department of the Antiquities of Lower Egypt said:“During the excavations work,an interconnected group of water tanks was discovered.”

“It was constructed of red bricks and it was a water station for the residential communities scattered throughout the region,” she added. “It was also supplying convoys and ships with water because the location was near to the Mediterranean coast during its prosperity period.”

“The initial studies of the site showed that it was a military fortress built of red bricks to protect the eastern entrance to Egypt during the end of the Roman era,Khadr said” “It continued to be used during the Islamic era,then the internal space of the castle was reused and groups of water tanks were built.”

Hisham Hussein,director-general of North Sinai antiquities said:“The mission discovered the southwestern corner of the castle. It is a circular tower in addition to two towers from the eastern side of the castle,which was constructed in the form of a letter.”

Many pottery fragments have been found,the study indicates that the site dates back to the end of the Roman era and continued during the Byzantine and Islamic periods.

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