The Ancient Egyptian civilization was unique in erecting obelisks which prove the greatness and cleverness of the Egyptian architect since thousands of years.

The obelisk is known in Arabic as “Messlah”which means a big needle used in sewing heavy clothes,sails or saddles.

Paris obelisks of Ramses II

Those obelisks comprise four ones.

The most important obelisk is the one that was dated back to King Ramses II,of the Middle Kingdom of Ancient Egypt. It was installed in front of Luxor Temple in the old ages.

The French relocated that obelisk to their country in 1833 where it was erected in the middle of Concord Square in Paris in October 1836.

The Egyptian obelisk is still in its place in the French square. The architect engraved on faces of the obelisk phases in hieroglyph calligraphy,said:

Ramses II is conqueror of all the foreign peoples,the master over all crowned masters,the warrior who came over millions of enemies,the king who subjugated the whole world to his suzerainty and the world acknowledged his invincible power.

Three other Egyptian obelisks are in Paris,one of them was taken by Napoleon Bonaparte during the French campaign on Egypt and Syria.

Two other obelisks were transported and erected in various squares of the French capital.

Egyptian obelisks in Italy
The Lateran Plaza in the Italian capital houses an obelisk of King Thutmose IV,of the Middle Kingdom of Ancient Egypt.
The king was the only one who ordered to erect a unique obelisk which was considered the highest one.

Its height reaches 30.7 meters. It was carted to Alexandria in 333 A.D then presented to Constantinople and later to the Italian Capital where it was installed in front of St. Giovanni in Rome.

Another obelisk dated back to King Amenhotep II,of the Middle Kingdom of Ancient Egypt,was erected in front of the Vatican in Rome.

Its height is 25.5 meters and is was supported by bronze lions and a cross in its top.

It was erected in Heliopolis,the capital of Ancient Egypt,before it was conveyed to Rome.

Flaminio’s obelisk belongs to Kings Seti I and his son Ramses II.

Height of that obelisk with its buttress reaches 36.5 meters and it was installed in Popolo Plaza in Rome.

It was fetched from Heliopolis to the Italian capital.

The obelisk of Solari

It belongs to King Psamtik I,of the 26th Dynasty of Ancient Egypt.

Height of that obelisk with its stand reaches 33.97 meters. It was installed in Montckiitori Plaza in Rome.

It was brought from Heliopolis o Robe by August in 10 B.C.

Obelisk of Deggali
That obelisk belongs to Ramses II.

Its height reaches 6.34 meters and it was installed in Diccolitan Baths. It was one of twin obelisks in Heliopolis but the other ones was erected in Popopli Garden in Florence,Italy.

That obelisk was transferred to Isis Temple in the city.

The obelisks of London and New York belong to King Thutmose III
King Thutmose III ordered to erect those obelisks before more than 3,500 years ago,in front of the Temple of Heliopolis.

The first Roman Emperor August transferred them to the Caesar Temple in the tenth year B.C.

The two obelisks were mistakenly known as the “Cleopatra”obelisks. The reason for this might be that Cleopatra was the initiator of the construction of the Temple of Caesar.

After her death,“August”moved the obelisks and so they were attributed to him. One of the obelisks was transported to London,the other to New York,USA.

The obelisk of London is 20.78 meters high and weighs about 187 tons. Muhammad Ali Pasha gave that obelisk to Britain in 1831.

A legend surrounds the obelisk of London related to what was called the curse of the Pharaohs.

That obelisk remained lying on the ground because of the difficulty of transporting it until 1877;it was transported on board a ship towed by another boat.

The boarding ship rammed to another en route and when the obelisk landed it fell on dozens workers.

However it was still sound after being fell.

The obelisk of Constantinople belongs to Thutmose III
It is one of the obelisks seven ones of King Thutmose III,of the Middle Kingdom of Ancient Egypt.

It was conveyed under orders of the Roman Emperor Theodorus from Thebes (now Luxor),and in fact it is the highest part of an obelisk similar in length to the Lateran obelisk in Rome,Italy.

The engraved inscriptions on its sides say that Ra (deity of the sun in Ancient Egypt),extends its horns to reach the borders of earth and the waters of the two rivers.

It has the strength to attain victory over enemies who were inflicted with a great massacre.

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