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Bible Software (for in-depth study)

Map Studies


  • Zondervan Atlas of the Bible (Carl Rasmussen)
  • The Carta Bible Atlas (Aharoni, Avi-Yonah, Rainey & Safrai)
  • The New Moody Atlas of the Bible (Barry Beitzel)
  • The Sacred Bridge (Anson F. Rainey & R. Steven Notley)

Bible Dictionaries

  • Anchor Yale Bible Dictionary
  • Holman Illustrated Bible Dictionary

Pictures of Biblical Sites

Study Bibles

  • ESV (English Standard Version) Study Bible
  • Archaeological Study Bible (NIV)
  • TNIV (Today’s New International Version) Study Bible
  • The Jewish Study Bible

Hebrew Bible Commentaries

  • Zondervan Illustrated Bible Backgrounds Commentary (OT)
  • The IVP Bible Background Commentary: Old Testament (Walton, Matthews, & Chavalas)
  • JPS Torah Commentary
  • The Chumash (Stone Edition)

New Testament Commentaries

  • Jewish New Testament Commentary (David H. Stern)
  • The IVP Bible Background Commentary: New Testament (Craig S. Keener)
  • For Everyone Series (Tom Wright)
  • A Rabbinic Commentary on the New Testament: Matthew, Mark & Luke (Samuel Tobias Lachs)

Jewish Roots of the Christian Faith / Absolute Must Reads

  • Sitting at the Feet of Rabbi Jesus (Ann Spangler & Lois Tverberg)
  • Our Father Abraham: Jewish Roots of the Christian Faith (Marvin Wilson)
  • Between God and Man (Abraham Joshua Heschel)
  • In a Word: Lessons from the Language of the Wilderness (George DeJong)
  • Greatness, Grace & Glory: Carta’s Atlas of Biblical Biography (Paul H. Wright)

Books on Jesus

  • New Light on the Difficult Words of Jesus (David Bivin)
  • The Sage from Galilee: Rediscovering Jesus’ Genius (Flusser, Notley, & Charlesworth)
  • The Challenge of Jesus (NT Wright)
  • Jesus the Jewish Theologian (Brad Young)
  • Jesus Through Middle Eastern Eyes (Kenneth Bailey)
  • With Jesus through Galilee According to the Fifth Gospel (Bargil Pixner)
  • With Jesus in Jerusalem: His First and Last Days in Judea (Bargil Pixner)
  • The New Testament and the People of God (NT Wright)
  • Jesus and the Victory of God (NT Wright)
  • The Resurrection of the Son of God (NT Wright)
  • Understanding the Difficult Words of Jesus (Roy Blizzard & David Bivin)

Books on the Parables

  • Stories with Intent (Klyne Snodgrass)
  • The Parables (Brad Young)
  • The Parables of Jesus (Arland Hultgren)
  • Poet & Peasant and Through Peasant Eyes (Kenneth Bailey)
  • Jesus and His Jewish Parables (Brad Young)

Books on Paul

  • Paul the Jewish Theologian (Brad Young)
  • In Search of Paul (John Dominic Crossan and Jonathan L. Reed)
  • What Saint Paul Really Said (NT Wright)
  • Paul: In Fresh Perspective (NT Wright)
  • Paul Among Jews & Gentiles (Krister Stendahl)
  • Paul and Rabbinic Judaism: Some Rabbinic Elements in Pauline Theology (W.D. Davies)
  • St. Paul The Traveler & Roman Citizen (Ramsay, Wilson-ed.)

Rabbis / Rabbinic Writings / Rabbinic Judaism

  • Everyman’s Talmud: The Major Teachings of the Rabbinic Sages (Abraham Cohen)
  • Meet the Rabbis (Brad Young)
  • Theology in Rabbinic Stories (Chaim Pearl)
  • Rabbinic Stories (Jeffrey L. Rubenstein & Shaye J. D. Cohen)
  • The Mishnah: A New Translation (Jacob Neusner)
  • The New Testament and Rabbinic Judaism (David Daube)

Narrative Books

  • The Source  (James Michener)
  • The Shadow of God (Leo Dupree Sandgren)
  • Echoes of His Presence (Ray Vander Laan)
  • Gift of the Jews (Thomas Cahill)
  • Desire of Everlasting Hills (Thomas Cahill)

The Bible & Archaeology

  • Life in Biblical Israel (Philip King & Lawrence Stager)
  • Jesus and His World: An Archaeological and Cultural Dictionary (John J. Rousseau and Rami Arav)
  • Jesus and Archaeology (James H. Charlesworth)
  • The Archaeology of the Bible (James K. Hoffmeier)
  • The Letter and the Scroll: What Archaeology Tells Us About the Bible  (Robin Currie & Stephen Hyslop)
  • The Holy Land: An Oxford Archaeological Guide (Jerome Murphy-O’Connor)

Archaeology (More In-Depth)

  • Archaeology of the Land of the Bible: 10,000-586 B.C.E. Vol. 1 (Amihai Mazar)
  • Archaeology of the Land of the Bible: The Assyrian, Babylonian, and Persian Periods (732-332 B.C.E.), Vol. 2 (Ephraim Stern)
  • The Archaeology of Ancient Israel (Amnon Ben-Tor)
  • The New Encyclopedia of Archaeological Excavations in the Holy Land (Vols. 1-5)

Floral and Fauna of the Bible

  • Nature in Our Biblical Heritage (Nogah Hareuveni)
  • Tree and Shrub in Our Biblical Heritage (Nogah Hareuveni)
  • Desert and Shepherd in Our Biblical Heritage (Nogah Hareuveni)

Egypt Study

  • History of Ancient Egypt: An Introduction (Erik Hornung)
  • The British Museum Book of Ancient Egypt (Stephen Quirke & Jeffrey Spencer)
  • Israel in Egypt (James K. Hoffmeier)
  • God Is a Warrior (Tremper Longman III & Daniel G. Reid)
  • Exploring Exodus: The Origins of Biblical Israel (Nahum Sarna)
  • Exodus: Interpretation, a Bible Commentary for Teaching and Preaching (Terence E. Frethei)
  • The Complete God’s and Goddesses of Ancient Egypt (Richard Wilkinson)
  • The Complete Temples of Ancient Egypt (Richard Wilkinson)
  • The Complete Valley of the Kings (Nicholas Reeves & Richard Wilkinson)

Other Helpful Books

  • What Do Jewish People Think about Jesus?: And Other Questions Christians Ask about Jewish Beliefs, Practices, and History (Michael Brown)
  • Jewish Holidays (Michael Strassfeld)
  • The Bible As It Was (James L. Kugal)
  • A History of Israel: Fourth Edition (John Bright)
  • The New Complete Works of Josephus ~ (William Whiston & Paul L. Maier)
  • Buried Treasure (Rabbi Daniel Lapin)
  • Listening to the Language of the Bible (Lois Tverberg & Bruce Okkema)
  • God in Search of Man (Abraham Joshua Heschel)
  • The Sabbath (Abraham Joshua Heschel)
  • The Dignity of Difference (Rabbi Jonathan Sacks)

Upcoming Tours

We would love to walk with you in the Holy Land. Here are upcoming opportunities:

Jun 27 — Jul 09, 2024
Egypt & Jordan Walking Tour (easy pace)
Led by George DeJong

All trip dates subject to change.