He had been obedient and followed, and where did it land him – a cave! Though it started as a place of discouragement, disappointment, and disillusionment; the cave of Adullam became an essential transition point in David’s life & work. Just as there was a cave on the path of David’s life, chances are there will be one for us. Join George in the cave and discover God’s provision and promise for those dark places and life on the other side of the cave.

In this video we will visit:
  • 116, Givat Yeshayahu, Israel

part of Wild Places Series

Surprising how and where God nurtures his people. Where we seek to protect and shield; God is not intimidated with “at risk” situations. Whether it’s the “iron-smelting furnace” of Egypt or the “vast and dreadful wilderness” God shapes his people in extraordinary situations and circumstances; C.S. Lewis description is apt: ...