Today we left our cruise ship in Aswan, boarded a plane, flew to Saint Catharines in the Sinai and then boarded a bus and drove to Taba, the most northern city on the Gulf of Aquaba in Egypt. It was in this area that the Israelites spent 40 years in the desert under Moses’ leadership. We travelled by plane and by bus, and spent only a short time actually walking in the wilderness but we already began to realize that the Israelites did have something to complain about! This is a hostile environment! It’s hot, rocky and mountainous! And they walked in it for 40 years!

After 40 years God led them across the Jordan River into the promised land and then the real work began – they had to conquer the land and live as followers of God in a pagan world. God didn’t lead them out of Egypt into paradise but into the promised land.

There’s a lesson in that. Sometimes we expect God to give us paradise. But that’s not Gods way. He leads us into the wilderness and he leads us into the promised land. In the wilderness we learn to trust him and in the promised land our work as faithful followers begins. Paradise will come but until it does let’s be faithful disciples of our LORD Jesus Christ.

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